Installation of Telemetry System for Mount Bawakaraeng Disaster Warning System telemetry

  • Buyer : Japan Radio Corp.
  • User : Balai Sungai Pompengan-Jenebarang
  • Contract Number : H-EQ-1902-10
  • Contract Amout :Rp. 2.788.320.907,-
  • Date : 9 March 2010
  • Duration : 12 months
  • Location : South Sulawesi

One hill on the Bawakaraeng Mountain is  slided at 2007. The landslide in millions cubic meters of sedimentation is fullfilling jeneberang river and the Bili-Bili Dam.

Some sabo dams is constructed to reduce sedimentation which is shallowing the Bili-Bili Dam. Debris warning system is also developed to anticipate debris from the  upstream.

PT Sartika Mitrasejati is contracted to carry-out installation works of Debris Warning System, including construction of gauging houese.

Scope : construction of 6 gauging station, installation of telemetry equipement, telemetry system test, project management.

Project Details

Japan Radio Corp.

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