Outsourcing for Operation and Mainteance of 90 Tidal Station telemetry

  • Buyer / User : BAKOSURTANAL
  • Contract Number :13.01/SPK-OPRS90/PPK/IV/2009
  • Contract Amout : Rp. 1.617.018.700,-
  • Date : 13 April 2009
  • Duration : 9 months
  • Location : 90 location, national wide

Badan Koordinasi Pemetaan dan Survey Nasional (BAKOSURTANAL, National Agency for Survey & Mapping Coordination) is a state agency who proceed the national mapping. One of the mapping data is tidal mapping.

Nowdays, Bakosurtanal operates 150 tidal station spread on the Indonesian archipelago.Ninety tidal stations use automatic measurement, 70 station of that use teleme-tering system via GSM and 28 station via VSAT. To keep their performance, all station need to be maintained continuously.

PT Sartika Mitrasejati is outsourcing contracted to proceed the operation and mainteance (O&M) works of 90 tidal gauging stations including equipement installation for 4 new stations.

Scope : supply of 9 qualified engineer to perform the O&M works, down-loading of daily measurement data, weekly station monitoring, tide recorder data digitizing, maintenace of gauging house and electronic equipments at gauging stations, orde-2 digital measurement and calibration of the station locations,   compose newsletter and reports.

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