Procurement and Installation of Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) telemetry

  • Buyer / User : Satker Direktorat Bina Penatagunaan Sumber Daya Air
  • Contract Number : KU.03.01/KONT-01/SATKER-DBPSDA/2013
  • Contract Amout : Rp. 1.010.533.700,-
  • Date : 3 April 2013
  • Duration : 2 months
  • Location : West Java & Central Java

To reduce national wide flood risk, in 2012 Directorate of Water Resources Developerment of Ministry of Public Works developed National Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) in  9 BBWS including more than 140 stations.

In 2013 the FEWS is extended by adding 14 stations at 3 BBWS (river basin).

PT Sartika Mitrasejati is contracted to procure and install telemetry equipement at 14 stations in BBWS Citarum, BBWS Cimanuk-Cisanggarung and BBWS Pemali-Juana.

Scope : procurememt and installation of telemery equipment for 4 waterlevel and quality stations, 4 water quality stations, 1 waterlevel stations and 5 rainfall stations, including data integation to the existing system

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Satker Direktorat Bina Penatagunaan Sumber Daya Air

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