Procurement of Automatic Weather Station (AWS) Transmitter climatology

  • Buyer  / User : Chevron Geothermal Indonesia
  • Contract Number : PO-32569
  • Contract Amout : US$ 369.887,-
  • Date : 5 August 2009
  • Duration : 4 months
  • Location : West Java

Chevron Geothermal Indonesia (CGI) is an electric power producer using geothermal, operates at Darajat, 20Km southern Garut, West Java.

In their operations, CGI shall maintained the steam quality and quantity so it can generate required electric power. Many efforts to keep the steam quality are implemented, i.e : taking care and monitoring the environment by using Automatic Weather Station (AWS). Chevron has been utilized AWS since 2002, but some sensors has problem since 2008 and need to be repaired.

PT Sartika Mitrasejati is contracted to supply replacement sensor, calibration existing sensor and relocating the AWS.

Scope : procurement of evaporation transmitter, hygrothermo transmitter, evaporation pan, calibration of rainfall, wind and air temperatur sensors, relocation of the AWS.

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