Procurement of Realtime Hydrological Equipment and Construction of Hydrological Stations telemetry

  • Buyer / User : SatKer Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai Bengawan Solo
  • Contract Number : KU0304/19/Dok Pek/Pan-Pgd/Hidrologi/X/2011
  • Contract Amout : Rp.  5.927.630.599,-
  • Date : 17 October 2011
  • Duration : 60 days
  • Location : Central Java and East Java
  • URL :

Hydormetryic measurement and database are main works in water resources planning. BBWS Bengawan Solo has hydrological network since 1970.  Most of the existing equipments are broken and need to be replaced or modernized with realtime digital measurement equipments.

PT Sartika Mitrasejati is contracted to proceed the network revitalisation by using telemtry equipment in  54 locations along  400 Km of Bengawan Solo River, from Wonogiri to Gresik. This work included developerment of control stastion and web-based monitoring system.

Scope : procurememt and installation of 32 rainfall stations, 14 water level stations, 7 climate station and 5 water quality station including construction of their gauging house. Procurememt of surveying instrument : rubber boat & outboard engine, current meter, insitu laboratoty equipement and supporting materials.

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SatKer Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai Bengawan Solo

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