Procurement of Telemetry Warning System, Portable Weather Radar and Measurement Instrument radar & telemetry system

  • Buyer / User : Balai Sabo Pusat Peneliitan & Pengem-bangan Sumber Daya Air
  • Contract Number : KU.02.03/SPK/La.03/11-14
  • Contract Amout : Rp. 8.188.888.000,-
  • Date : 4 November 2011
  • Duration : 50 days
  • Location : DI Yogyakarta
  • URL :

Mount of Merapi eruption in 2010 produced a huge amout of debris along the mountain hillside. The debris flows down wtih rain, which is very endanger to the surrounding population.

To reduce the debris risk, a debris monitoring system is required to be implemented.

PT Sartika Mitrasejati is contracted to proceed the procurememt of debris monitoring system including visual monitoring system and weather radar.

Scope : procurement and installation of visual debris monitoring system ( 2 water level stations, 1 rainfall station, 3 repeater stations), 2 cellular rainfall stations, portable weather radar and surveying instrument (RTK and 2 total stations).

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Balai Sabo Pusat Peneliitan & Pengem-bangan Sumber Daya Air

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